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“The Way of the Cross’


We’re doing something a little bit different for Lent this year. We’re stretching out the story of Jesus’ last week over the whole course of the Lent season.
It’ll force us to slow down, reflect on come to understand the significance of everything that happened between Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem up to his death and resurrection.

Clearing the Temple

February 28

by Pastor James

The story of how Jesus cleared the temple has this way of catching out attention. We don’t normally expect Jesus to get mad and go on the offensive, but it’s also easy to get caught up in the moment. We want to cheer Jesus on as he chases away all the bad guys. But then the part about Jesus cursing the fig tree shows, what Jesus is really after is making room for real growth, for those whose lives will bear fruit.

The Triumphal Entry 

February 21

by Pastor James

The overriding thought is the contrast between this joyful entry full of hope and celebration versus the looming betrayal and suffering of the cross. The main theme of the triumphal entry, naturally, is triumph, or victory. Triumph means that the war has been won. That’s an important message. In Winston Churchill’s words: “This isn’t the beginning and it isn’t the end, but is the beginning of the end.” The people who celebrated at Jerusalem had that notion in their minds. They might not have understood the event correctly, but on that day they got the celebration right. They at least got a glimpse of the glory of Christ. 

A Love That Cannot Be Shaken 

February 14

by Pastor James

A special Valentine’s Day service.

While the Bible talks a lot about love, a lot of the time what it says about love has to do with God’s never-failing love for his people. There are some passages about marriage, a few references about courtship, but not much at all really about dating. However, what the Bible says about God’s unfailing love for us, for his people, still says a lot about how we should think about romance and relationships.

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