Current Series

“Grief over Injustice,
Hope for Wholeness


Join pastor James in this much anticipated new series for Lent, uncovering all the different forms injustice that take place in our world and that are very much at the center of public debate. What role does each of us play in these injustices? How are we to respond? And how are we to conduct ourselves as Christians when pulled into the ‘culture wars’? How can we share God’s grace with those on either side of the debate while staying true to our convictions? These are the big questions of our life time – let’s explore them together, Bible in hand.

“Seeking Justice for Creation”

February 25th

by pastor James

The beauty around us in creation should be a source of delight. But there is also reason for lament, especially because of how we have so often neglected our task of caring for creation. But we live in trust and hope, that God will redeem this world and make all things new.

“A Christian Understanding of War”

February 18th

by pastor James

Understanding war as a Christian can be confusing. Biblical texts can be used to support both ends of the spectrum. However, it is clear that violence, destruction, and death are not part of God’s plan for a flourishing humanity. In fact, it is human sin—our sin—that causes war. 

“Stand Still and See”

February 11th

by pastor James

We’re finishing up our series on “Be Still” this Sunday with the story of Israel at the Red Sea from Exodus 14:10-22. 

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