Current Series

“The Way of the Cross’


We’re doing something a little bit different for Lent this year. We’re stretching out the story of Jesus’ last week over the whole course of the Lent season.
It’ll force us to slow down, reflect ond come to understand the significance of everything that happened between Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem up to his death and resurrection.

Keeping Accounts

April 18

by Pastor James

It’s often tempting to think of our relationship with God as if it were a bit like a balance sheet—as long as the good things we do outweigh the debt that we owe, we figure that we should be OK. But as Paul points out, the problem is really that we are all spiritually bankrupt. But part of putting our faith in Christ means believing that no matter how big the debt we owed God, it has been paid in full because of what he’s done for us.

Part of the Family

April 11

by Pastor James

After all the wonderful things we get to hear on Good Friday and Easter, about how Jesus died to save us from our sins and how he rose again to give us new life, it still is sometimes hard to believe that it’s really all for us. But that’s why Paul directs our attention to what the Holy Spirit is doing, how the changes he brings about in us are proof we really do belong to Christ.

Words of Faith, Love, and Hope

April 4

by Pastor James

The way that Mark ends his gospel, it kind of leaves things open-ended. The women leave the tomb, bewildered and afraid. Jesus isn’t where they expected to find him, and now they have to figure out what that means. In a sense, Easter continues to present us with that same challenge: Jesus is not where we expected to find him, so what does that mean for us?

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