Current Series

“Holy Words’


Follow us on a journey through the bible to uncover the true and deeper meaning of some of those key words in our Christian vocabulary that define our outlook on life.


September 19

by pastor James

It’s often easy to assume that worship is something we do at a specific time at a specific place—for instance, Sunday morning at church. But as the Sons of Korah explain, worship is really about our relationship with God. It’s something that seeps in and shapes the entire life of those how are serious about having a real relationship with the “living God.”

Having It All

September 12

by chaplain MIchelle DePooter-Francis

This Sunday, Chaplain Michelle DePooter Francis will be leading us in worship while Pastor James is at Immanuel CRC in Cornwall for a classical appointment. She’ll be preaching on Mark 8:27-38, “Having It All.” 

The Gift of Work

September 5

by Pastor James Kralt

In  this special Labour Day message, pastor James points out how work for its own sake is ultimately pointless. Yet the Bible teaches us that work is a gift from God, and it is in our work that we find purpose and pleasure. Our work reflects the fact that God is also at work, both in creation and in redemption.

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