Current Series

“What are you waiting for?’


Join us this advent season, a time of great anticipation, with this new series on “What are you waiting for?”

“Active Waiting”

November 28

by pastor James

We live in a culture where almost everything is instant and on-demand. We don’t like to wait. But waiting is part of the Christian life. As Jesus points out in this parable about the servants waiting for their master to return, we’re called to wait patiently for Jesus’ return, for his second Advent—expectantly and faithfully.

“Life’s too short to miss the best relation-ship”

November 21

by pastor James

Human beings are social by nature; it’s part of how God made us. But that makes it all the more difficult, that our most important relationship, the relationship we are supposed to have with God himself, has been broken by sin. But as Peter points out, that is why the work of Jesus is so important, because he came to bring us to God.

“Life’s too short to be bitter”

November 14

by pastor James

It’s often easy to see bitterness in other people, but we often miss it in ourselves. But as the author of Hebrews points out, whenever we fail to deal with anger, there’s a danger that bitterness will take root and contaminate the relationships we have with other people and with God. 

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