Current Series

“What Is God Like?’


During Advent we anticipate Christ’s coming as an infant, as well as Christ’s return, when the earth will be renewed and ll will be well.
In this series we take on the curiosity of a wondering child as we examine different aspects of God’s character.

“God is like a Gardener”

December 4

by pastor James

Gardening is not something that brings quick returns; it is much more of a long-term investment. God is a lot like a patient gardener. He gives us time, so that his plans and purposes can come to fruition in our lives. 

“God is like a Fort”

November 27

by pastor James

We tend to emphasize how Christmas is a time of peace, but part of the reason we long for peace is because the world often seems so uncertain, unsafe, even dangerous. There is comfort in knowing that God is a refuge for his people. 

“The Heavens Declare”

November 20

by pastor James

There is often a tendency to see a conflict between science and Scripture. But in Psalm 19, the psalmist instead talks about how the created world around them and the truth revealed in Scripture direct people‚Äôs attention and praise to the God responsible for both. 

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